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Welcome to the Little Unicorn's Enchanting World of Learning!

Dear Parent,

A very warm welcome to the Magical World of Little Unicorns!

Your child's admission to their 1st Early Years Learning Centre is a huge milestone for them and an emotional one for you. At Little Unicorn's International Garderie (LUIG), we are a team that is passionate about providing your child with exceptional early childhood learning experiences in an environment that delivers high quality education and care. It is our aim to see each child flourish, learn and grow into mindful, co-operative and peace loving citizens of the world.

LUIG is the first IPC Accredited Pre-school & Day Care Centre in Gurugram that demonstrates an internationally acceptable commitment to professionalism and education. We offer a wide range of programs starting from specialized infant day care, preschool programs, FLEXI Day care programs and after-school hobby activities.

At LUIG, our state of the art infrastructure has been conceptualized and built in a bright, multi-colored and attractive format so that it invigorates a child's mind. Child safety, security & hygiene are of paramount importance for us and thus special care has been taken in developing every nook and corner of our infrastructure. A deep thought has gone into creating a loving, caring, vibrant & an encouraging environment that offers innovative and creative learning experiences to your child.

At LUIG, we offer the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) which is one of the most researched and trusted international programs for early childhood education and has been adopted in over 100 preschools in countries spanning 6 continents. Being an IPC School, we offer a specialized research, objective, play and thematic based curriculum which is inquiry based, developmentally appropriate & child centered.

AT LUIG, we call our Teachers - "Responsive Caregivers" as they perform a multi-dimensional role and make sure that the program is flexible enough to respond to individual differences and is consistent with children's way of thinking and learning. Our Responsive Caregivers are present at every step to encourage and guide the children in their exciting and beautiful learning journey of early years.

At LUIG, we endeavor to work closely in partnership with parents. Parental involvement in their child's early education creates a more positive educational experience for children and helps them perform better in school. Children get a positive reinforcement of what they learnt in school and the parents are able to get a better sense of their child's competency, confidence and ability. By creating a constant contact with all the parents, we are able to create one Happy Little Unicorn Family that focuses on providing holistic development to children.

What differentiates LUIG is the specialized care that we offer to each and every child who is a part of our family! "We are committed to instill a Life Long Love for learning in children"

Arpit Verma
Co-founder & Head of LUIG