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At Little Unicorn's International Garderie (LUIG), we are passionate about providing your child with the best of early childhood education and we look forward to partnering with you on this very special journey that your child is going to make while learning and growing with us.

LUIG is the first IPC Accredited Pre-school & Day Care Centre in Gurugram, India. Being an IPC School (International Preschool Curriculum), we recognize that every child is unique and is born ready to learn. However, children have different temperaments and learning styles. Therefore, we address the full range of child’s developmental needs in various interrelated areas – physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic, which is the core of our program. This is majorly done through play activities that are relevant to their lives and are varied enough to be engaging and challenging. The children are placed in a relaxed setting so that they learn through self exploration, self expression and discovery. Our focus is to provide a safe, loving, vibrant and curiosity-driven environment that encourages independent thinking and creative imagination. Here at LUIG, we have designed our state of the art facility giving utmost priority to safety, security & experiential learning.

Our colorful and thematic classrooms are carefully divided into planned rich learning centres that provide a stimulating and enriching setting where children develop a love for learning and a grateful perspective on their lives. From comfortable nap rooms, spacious classrooms, soft play areas, healthy & nutritious meals, umpteen outdoor play activities, we also offer CCTV Live streaming so that parents can watch their child on their phones from the convenience of their homes or offices and feel content that their children are in safe hands.

We even offer special infant care services wherein we provide the babies with emotional & physical nourishment, rich sensory stimulation and a sound sleep. We have dedicated a safe, comfortable area only for our infants.

Our Teachers are highly qualified and our caretakers are well trained and experienced to provide your child with the best of early childhood education. Above all, they are passionate to work with young children and lay strong foundations for their bright future. We believe in keeping a low Adult-Child ratio so that our children our given undivided attention and special care.

The management, teaching staff and support teams work in synergy to provide an expertly-managed, high quality early years provision.

Join us & give your child the best early years experience.

Our Vision

Our Philosophy embodies a strong commitment to provide exceptional standards of early childhood education by exposing the young generation to a world class encouraging educational experience that touches upon every minute aspect of learning.

We aim to build solid and strong foundations with a vision to imbibe children with cultural values, nurture qualities of good character that last a lifetime combined with building the necessary skills of etiquette, good manners, self-help skills & creative thinking.

We endeavor to excel and perform above and beyond the expectations of parents, children & all stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • To instill love for live, love for others and a life-long love of learning in children by providing them a stimulating, fun and curiosity driven environment that sparks their innate desire to learn and explore.

  • To create a healthy community of families, teachers and kids that helps to reinforce our culture and values in the children.

  • To provide the safest, caring and the most secure environment to the children so that parents happily and confidently leave their children with us.

School Infrastructure & Outstanding Facilities

Our school is fully equipped and designed to the highest safety standards for our children.

At Little Unicorn's International Garderie, we have designed our state of the art infrastructure in such a way that it invigorates a child's mind. From Thematic classrooms, soothing sensory paths , colorful play areas and spacious learning centres filled with ample learning aides, attractive outdoor swings & slides, we have given special attention to every minute detail. The children love being in the caring, encouraging and vibrant environment of the school and take back home a new experience every day.

School Features

  • Mother Toddler Programs
  • CCTV Live Streaming
  • Thematic Classrooms
  • Splash Pool
  • Dedicated Children's Library
  • Sensory Path
  • Role Play Learning
  • Phonics Classes
  • Amphitheatre
  • Experienced Teachers

  • Trained Care Takers
  • Low Adult-Child Ratio
  • Comfortable Nap Rooms
  • Healthy, Nutritious Food
  • Safe, Secure & Loving Environment
  • Non-toxic Toys
  • Enrichment Centre
  • Outdoor Garden Play Area

Meet Our Management Team

Our staff is highly trained, and educated in the Early childhood field.
Varun Verma

Varun Verma

Founder Director

Arpit Verma

Arpit Verma

Co-founder and Head of LUIG

Divi Verma

Divi Verma

Head of Curriculum and Training