Curiousity Driven Learning

Curiousity Driven Learning

Welcome to the Little Unicorn's International Garderie!

At Little Unicorn's Garderie, we are passionate about providing your child with the best of early childhood education and we look forward to partnering with you on this very special journey that your child is going to make while learning and growing with us. Being an IPC School (International Preschool Curriculum), we offer a specialized objective, play and thematic based curriculum which is one of the most researched international programs today. Our focus is to provide a safe, loving, vibrant, and curiosity-driven environment that encourages independent thinking and creative imagination. We provide a stimulating and enriching setting where children develop a love for learning and a grateful perspective on their lives.

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Enroll today & give wings to your child's Imagination!

We have a wide range of programs starting from specialized infant care, preschool, daycare & varied Enrichment activities.

An IPC Authorized School

We meet all the high rigor and standards that the IPC sets forth for all their schools.

Personalized Care & Attention

Every child is given undivided attention & the best of early learning experiences.

FLEXI Daycare Services

Create your own Daycare packages as per your routine. We won't bind you to our fixed time slots.

Hear from the parents of our little ones!

We are all one Big Little Unicorn's Family!
  • It was our wise decision to send our champ to Little Unicorn's International Garderie. The teachers are very supportive, well educated. The nany’s are very clean, have a uniform, and are very gentle with kids, well trained. All of them are great in shaping the future of our child. I find Arpit and Divi ma’am very conscientious, having a way with tiny tots and imparting good values and discipline in a fun way to them. These habits will go a long way in evolving them into better individuals. The Little Unicorn team (Teachers, Nany’s ) have very actively taken involvement in the learning of the children be it any occasion like Dussera, Diwali, Children’s day. In a short span of a few months, I see a lot of improvements in my son Arhaan. He has started speaking clearly, and has become so active be it sports; reciting poem or storytelling, singing, dancing the school has given all. I would like to thank the teachers of Little Unicorns for all the efforts. They are Arhaan’s first teachers and have given their best to teach him. I am a happy parent and would like to thank the school for all the hard work, sincerity and support.
  • We admire the efforts put in by the Little Unicorn team in helping our daughter grow into a more independent, creative and disciplined child. With talented teachers, trained support staff and excellent security measures, the school ticks all the right boxes for parents trying to zero-in on the perfect school for their young kids.
  • I happened to come across Little Unicorn’s during a make-up Music Together class that I bring my daughter to. From the moment I entered, I fell in love with the place. Little Unicorn’s offers daycare, play school and preschool - my daughter was only 16 months when I enrolled her and she has loved it from day one! It has a “home away from home” feel for me. I feel at upmost ease sending my little daughter there to have fun, surround herself with other kids, do different activities every day, and be challenged in ways she normally wouldn’t be exposed to at home. In terms of safety and security they are well equipped and I am able to watch my child on camera, even from the comfort of my home. The teaching staff is affectionate and I like that they advocate the importance of children learning through play at their own pace. The school set-up is great and provides a fun and stimulating environment for kids. It has indoor and outdoor spaces including play ground, swimming pool, sand pit etc. I would definitely recommend to parents to send their children here and I speak from firsthand experience of sending my own daughter from such a young age.
  • My son is having a very good experience. All the teachers are professional and are kind to the children including foreigners like my son. It was a right to choose Little Unicorn's International.
  • I am very happy with my decision of enrolling my child for Pre-Nursery with Little Unicorn. The team here has been absolutely wonderful, they have developed really good relationships with all the kids, knows each one in and out. My son absolutely adores all the teachers, particularly Arpit and Angelina Ma’am. I have noticed a lot of change in him and for that I would like to thank Sonia Ma'am who is always been there for him. Hrehaan always look forward to go to school and participate in all the activities.

  • “Play is the work of a child” – Maria Montessori

    Play nourishes every aspect of a child's development in the early years. Play has an intrinsic value in childhood and has long term developmental benefits. It develops the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, cognitive and emotional skills necessary for success in life.

    Therefore, at Little Unicorn's Garderie, we pay focus on various forms of play such as exploratory play, socio-dramatic play, games with rules and various other forms of outdoor play, wherein our teachers play an important role in creating the right environment that fosters learning.
  • Children Need Vitamin G

    While adults conceive of nature as a physical presence (e.g. greenery, bushes and landscaping), children experience nature as a potentiality.

    "In childhood, one is more open to sensory impressions than ever again in one’s life. Smells, sensations of heat, softness, weight, beauty and much more, form the basis of all of life’s later sensations." Children need to be outside. They need to explore, get dirty, find stuff—they need to have fun!!

  • Safety and Hygiene

    Safety and security are of supreme importance at Little Unicorn's International. Therefore, we provide our parents with the facility of watching their children from their phones & tablets. Live CCTV access is provided to all the parents for the entire duration their child is in the school premises.

    We maintain highest standards of hygiene in every part of the school. Children at this tender age are more prone to catch infections and thus the school is strict with the hygiene standards of even the teachers & caregivers. The children are practically taught about healthy hygiene routines, which are reinforced daily so that they register good habits for a lifetime